Tidy Co-Created by Lee Lyford, Lucy Rivers and Rachael Canning Director Lee Lyford Composer (Music and Lyrics) Lucy Rivers Set, Costume and Puppetry Designer Rachael Canning Sound Designer Yvonne Gilbert Polka Theatre/Theatr Iolo Feb/March 2024 Photos by Steve Gregson

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Adventures in the Skintrade

Adventures in the Skintrade Director          Kevin Lewis Designer         Neil Davies Theatr Iolo Toured in Wales in 2014. Touring Australia in summer 2015 to Sydney Opera House and Melbourne Arts Centres   Photos by Farrows Creative “All the cast were strong, as were the lighting (Jane Lalljee) and sound (John Norton) designers who were able to…

Crazy Gary’s Mobile Disco

Crazy Gary's Mobile Disco Director          Matt Ball Designer         Alison Neigbour Waking Exploits Chapter Arts Centre then toured around Wales   Photos by Farrows Creative “its intimate surroundings are perfectly suited to the in-your-face style of the production. Lighting is also used to good effect and the set design, while being minimal, puts audience right with…


Troyanne Director          Chris Durnall Designer         Bethany Seddon Company of Sirens Chapter Arts Centre run 2013   Photos by Claire Cousins “Jane Lalljee’s lighting effects are also highly effective, especially at a crucial, climactic point.” Othniel Smith British Theatre Guide 2013-10-03

The Bloody Ballad

The Bloody Ballad Director          Adele Thomas Designer         Lisa Leighton Gagglebabble/Theatr Iolo National tour/Edinburgh Festival/Festivals tour   Photos by Kirsten McTernan “Location and atmosphere (and there is plenty of it) communicate through acid lighting (Jane Lalljee) and searing sound (Dan Lawrence).” Clare Brennan The Observer online “Jane Lalljee lights the back screen in Lisa Leighton’s design…

Tender Napalm

Tender Napalm Director Chris Durnall Designer Bethany Seddon Company of Sirens Chapter Arts Centre run 2014   Photos by Jane Lalljee “Bethany Seddon’s set design is perfectly minimalistic and coupled with Jane Lalljee’s subtle lighting, the actors are given the blank canvas they need to beautifully blur the lines between fantasy and reality” Jacqui Onions…