The Bloody Ballad

Director          Adele Thomas

Designer         Lisa Leighton

Gagglebabble/Theatr Iolo

National tour/Edinburgh Festival/Festivals tour


Photos by Kirsten McTernan

“Location and atmosphere (and there is plenty of it) communicate through acid lighting (Jane Lalljee) and searing sound (Dan Lawrence).”

Clare Brennan The Observer online

“Jane Lalljee lights the back screen in Lisa Leighton’s design with the red flames of hell”

Adam Somerset Theatre in Wales website

” the lighting created the right mood as required showing that yet again that sometimes less is actually more.”

The Quotidian Times 2013-08-04

“The lighting and set design suited the show in the sense that it aided in the creation of the atmosphere, with the shadow-effect backdrop, reminiscent of the style of Britain’s Got Talent 2013 winners ‘Attraction’, being an effective addition. “

George Ward The Edinburgh Reporter 2013-08-03