Director          Sarah Argent

Designer         Bek Palmer

Theatr Iolo/Hullabaloo

Welsh and national tour 2013/2014


Photos by Kirsten McTernan

“Just in case you don’t read the rest of this review, you need to know now: this is children’s theatre at its very, very best. Every element – the music, the set, the lighting, the direction, the story, the acting – has been so carefully considered, and the result is, like Luna herself, out of this world.”

Flossie Waite Children’s Theatre Reviews 2013-10-31

“However, every part of the production has been used to its greatest effect – the lighting, for instance, is a joy, though that is all that will be said about it, as any more will spoil some heart-warming moments”

Flossie Waite Children’s Theatre Reviews 2013-10-31

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