By Martin Sherman

Directed by Scott Le Crass

Designed by David Shields

Composed by Julian Starr

Ambassador’s Theatre, WEST END, May/June 2023

Hope Mill Theatre, Manchester and Park Theatre, London.  September/October 2022


Reviews from the West End run

“The subtle lighting of Jane Lalljee and gentle soundscape offered by Julian Starr all lend themselves to nurturing the shadows of Rose’s past” Gareth Carr, Whatsonstage

“But the subtle changes of lighting behind her are wonderfully considered. You don’t notice the changes at first, until you suddenly realise something is happening, and the hues are seen to be reflecting the words” Lily Middleton, Everything Theatre

“with changing lighting, designed by Jane Lalljee and used to brilliant effect leading to atmospheric moments.” Daz Gale, All that Dazzles

“David Shields’s design is masterful in its minimalism, meshing with Jane Lalljee’s beautiful lighting, a backdrop of colours that reflect the words being spoken. ” Carole Gordon, North West End UK

“Understated light changes – red, purple, lilac (Lighting Designer Jane Lalljee) and subtle background music and sound effects – reflect and illustrate Rose’s recollections.” Phillip Money, The Spy in the

“Jane Lalljee’s ever-changing lighting states complement the majesty of Sherman’s writing and Lipman’s acting without detracting from them” ajhlovestheatre

“subtle lighting changes her only stage set and unobtrusive sound effects her only background” Louisa Waters, Jewish News


Reviews from Hope Mill and Park Theatres

“Jane Lalljee’s constantly changing lighting states, redolent of a giant mood lamp, complement the majesty of Sherman’s writing and Lipman’s acting without detracting from them.” Alun Hood, Whatsonstage.

“Jane Lalljee’s lighting design is hypnotic, bathing our storyteller in soft colours that complement her often dream-like verbal wanderings.” Rachel Wood, A Youngish Perspective

“washed with colour by Jane Lalljee’s sensitive lighting”  Howard Loxton, British Theatre Guide

“David Shields and Jane Lalljee’s set and lighting transport us metaphorically through Rose’s memories. It’s a perfect example of how storytelling should be done.”  Greg Stewart, Theatre Weekly

“the production relies very heavily on the art of storytelling, with sparing and subtle sound effects and lighting changes.”  Chris Omaweng, London Theatre 1

“A simple stage setting of a bench with a few small props and a white backdrop with lighting changes to create atmosphere during the performance was very effective”. Canal Street Online

“However, the power of the lighting design by Jane Lalljee in conveying emotion shouldn’t be ignored.” Jonathan Rawlinson, The Theatre Talk