Chippy Lane Productions

By Rebecca Jade Hammond

Director Chelsey Gillard

Designer Matilda Southcott

Composer Tic Ashfield

Sound Designer Chris Laurich

Chapter Arts Centre, September/October 2022

Photos by Jorge Lizalde

“Chris Laurich’s sound design and Jane Lalljee’s lighting worked seamlessly together to bring into 3 dimensions this delineation between real and unreal, or, more precisely, the present and the past.”
“I was particularly impressed by the lighting design. I loved Lalljee’s ability to be both subtle at points – slowly shifting the focus to one character, gradually changing the mood of a scene with change from blue to red or from dark to light – and then at other points bold – the clear shifts between the starkly lit diner and the moody blue and red of the past sequences, and the crazy stuff at the end.”  Wyll Craig, Cardiff Theatre Review