Taking Flight National Tour 2019

By Kaite O’Reilly

Directed by Elise Davison

Designed by Becky Davies


Photos by Janire Najera 4Pi Productions


“They’re all shades of red, though, and that colour also seeps into Jane Lalljee’s lighting of the production. Coupled with Tic Ashfield’s compositions, it brings a somewhat ethereal quality to the piece.”

Jafar Iqbal, Wales Arts Review

“Jane Lalljee’s lighting added to and at times intensified the atmosphere”

Michael Kelligan, Theatre in Wales

“an epic feel magically presented in a  studio space given to well-placed lighting staging and effective lighting.”

Andy Howells, Entertainment South Wales

“Tic Ashfield’s sound design and Jane Lalljee’s lighting effects immersively transport us from backstage at a London theatre to an ancient war zone.”

Othniel Smith, British Theatre Guide