Forsyth Sisters

Director Adele Thomas

Designer Nat Wallace

Gagglebabble/Theatr Iolo

Site specific performance at Norwegian Church in Cardiff 2012


Photos by Kirsten McTernan

Have you ever seen a shadowy face in the dark, heard strange cries in the night, or had the feeling you’re being watched? The Forsythe Sisters are experts in the paranormal -through dazzling displays of psychic connectivity, musical communions and transgressions to the dark side…this February at The Norwegian Church in Cardiff, the living can walk with the dead. But are The Sisters all they seem? Who is the white angel that haunts them? Can dogs really see Orbs?

A ghostly musical chiller from the team that brought you the Multi-Award Winning show The Bloody Ballad and featuring special guest Johnny Cage. This Valentines how far would you be prepared to go for the one you love?