Little Wolf

The lighting of the set, the characters and the space from Jane Lalljee is an essential element to the telling of the story as well as creating atmospheres, moods and delighting us in its own beauty

Mike Smith – Arts Scene in Wales

The Drowned Girl

Lalljee’s intelligent use of light and dark at crucial moments is inspired. The more fantastical elements of the production would certainly not have worked otherwise.

Jafar Iqbal – Critically Speaking

Tender Napalm

The final sequence, beautifully lit and rooted in memory, is both painfully tender and crushing.”

Tracey Rhys – Theatre Wales


“However, every part of the production has been used to its greatest effect – the lighting, for instance, is a joy, though that is all that will be said about it, as any more will spoil some heart-warming moments”

Flossie Waite – Children’s Theatre Reviews

Bloody Ballad

“Location and atmosphere (and there is plenty of it) communicate through acid lighting (Jane Lalljee) and searing sound (Dan Lawrence).”

Clare Brennan – The Observer Online